Have you ever attended an event and been torn about which sessions to choose? You'd like to be part of the discussion group on 'Checkout', but in the other track there's a session on abandonment that sounds great, too. What if you pick the session that's being given by the boring speaker with a hundred deadly powerpoint slides, while the other track is wowed by the finest orator in the land??

The 'Shape' convention helps you out by beginning each morning with a fun way to decide on your schedule for the day!

We ask each presenter to stand in front of you and in JUST ONE MINUTE give a sense of the content and style of the full session.

It's amazing how, in just one minute, you can see if the content is pitched right for you, and if the speaker has a style you like. It's also enormous fun to see the whole day pass in front of your eyes in just a handful of minutes.

Micropresentations! Every conference should adopt them.