It's important to be comfortable while you're learning

Office Chair

The goal for this year's conference is to have an interactive environment, one where you have complete comfort engaging and collaborating with colleagues, co-workers, developers and partners. To openly ask those distinct questions, the ones you have been trying to find the answers to, knowing there are many likeminded people in the room who want to equally know the same thing you do. We want to help you take a big step forward in gaining the knowledge needed to succeed in e-commerce.

Whatever kind of learner you are, and whether you are sitting, listening, takings notes or reflecting, we want you to be comfortable.

This is a global conference that is based on comfort, interaction, collaboration and captivating ideas where you will be equipped with the knowledge needed to move forward in a mobile friendly future.

  • Comfortability
  • Interactive
  • Engaging
  • Collaboration
Conference room