With the increase of on-the-go mobile users, shopper intent is on the rise more now then ever before. We saw a 10% boost in mobile purchases from last years holiday season, making 40% of online sales resulting from mobile and tablet users.

With more and more shoppers interacting with your website on a smaller device in the 'go-the-go' fashion, it is very important to consider your website. smartphone users are choosy and picky and will have no issue navigating to your competitor if the smallest issue takes place. This could be items like page load time, navigation, not able to find a certain product, lack of ease at checkout, etc.

84% of shoppers have experienced complications when making a mobile purchase, yet 40% of users will go to a competitor following a bad experience while shopping on their smartphone.

Mobility Statistics and Recommendations

  • 50 million U.S. Consumers own tablets
  • Websites should be optimized to handle incoming shopper traffic on any device, whether that be on desktop, tablet or mobile
  • 62% of smartphone owners use their mobile device to make purchases online (in the last 6 months)
  • Ease of contacting the store - make sure phone numbers are not displayed as an image, it should be clickable.
  • An estimated 80% of consumers review product ratings, comparing prices or find a different retail location using their mobile device in a physcial retail store
  • 125 Million U.S. consumers own smartphones
  • User friendly swipping or tapping is important, make sure size and margins are considered for links, buttons and call to action items
  • During the 2015 holiday season, 1/3 of online purchases were made on a mobile device
  • Keep your 'visual shoppers' in mind. Utilize visual contant such as images and videos and refrain from including lengthy text. Remeber, your shoppers are on the go.
  • Proper padding around your navigational items helps your shopping navigate with ease